January 26, 2018
4 months and 26 days since
the event.

LCS Glow Dance-a-thon Fundraiser


The LCS PTO, in partnership with the Physical Education Department, is proud to announce the first ever Glow Dance-a-thon at Liberty Corner School to be held on Friday, January 26th!


The Glow Dance-a-thon has many rewarding aspects built into the program. First, the entire school will participate in this special activity, which will take place during the school day in the gym, which will be transformed into a glow party with music! Second, we are taking the opportunity to highlight our amazing Physical Education department and its goal to promote a healthy lifestyle through activity and smart habits. 


Not only are we holding this event to build community and foster good sportsmanship and healthy habits in our children, we are
raising money to install an outdoor water filling station with filtration system!
What’s more, the LCS character education focus of setting and accomplishing goals ties in perfectly with this fundraiser. Talk to your children about :
  • how long they will be able to dance,
  • how many different dance moves they can incorporate, and
  • how much fun they can have working as a community to raise funds to improve their building.

The Glow Dance-a-thon committee will be rallying up the students the week of the event with fun surprises to get the kids excited for their dance on the 26th.


Thank you for helping to improve the LCS facilities for our children!